Wedding Bobbleheads (2)

We have a wide variety of wedding bobbleheads to choose from. These are the best wedding cake toppers. Instead of just having a random bride and groom doll, you can choose a couple and have their faces look like yours. Send in photos of the bride and groom and the dolls will be able to be sculpted to look just like the photos. You can choose the hair and eye color and skin tone and then the dolls will look as realistic as possible. See how close our sample dolls are to the bride and groom's photos and you will see how well this works. Imagine what all the wedding guests will think when the cake decorations look so realistic. It will be a very fun keepsake that you can keep afterwards so you can always remember your special day. If you don't want to put it on the cake, you can put it on the cake table or the top table. For fun novelties, you can even have a different doll pose on each table for your guests to enjoy. You can choose different color suits or outfits and even have some text on the platform they are on, maybe their initials or name

How to custom
ustom Wedding Cake Topper Bobblehead Figures - Free Proofing & Modification. Personalized Wedding Bobbleheads From Your Pictures - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - Best Qualit

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