Sports Male (11)

We know that lots of people like sports. Whether they enjoy playing a sport or just watching sports, there is a sport for everyone. This is why we have such a big collection of sports themed bobble head dolls. It means that you will be able to find a doll to represent the sport that you like the best. Of course, you can also choose a doll for a gift for someone that loves sport too. There are many sports to choose from including golf, baseball, soccer, football, cycling, ice hockey, Taekwondo, basketball, bowling, fishing, snowboarding, running, athletics, body building, skiing, volleyball, lacrosse, water skiing, car racing, horse riding, surfing, tennis, wrestling, cricket, cheer leading, karate, yoga,  hip hop, poker, fencing, hunting, skydiving, gymnastics, mountaineering, swimming, ice skating, boxing and even a fan with a foam finger, a coach and a referee. You can therefore choose the appropriate sport and then pick a doll which most resembles the person you want it to look like.  You will be able to choose skin tone, eye color and hair color and have the face sculpted to match a photo that you send in. You will then end up with a little replica of a person doing a sport of your choice. We also can change the color of the uniforms.
MuMu's handmade doll smiles at you every day. Every time you see it, you will feel like seeing the first ray of sunshine in the morning when the curtain is opened and suddenly feel that the world is no longer cold.With MuMu's company, our life will be filled with sunshine.MuMu is an art collection that everyone in America wants to own, and is impressing anyone who wants to own or already owns MuMu with her magnetic smile.The sincere promise of "Please provide me with a floor plan, and I will make it a reality for you" is becoming more and more familiar to consumers. If you have a doll in your mind, please draw it, and we will make a vivid three-dimensional doll for you.Every part of the MuMu doll was made with the help of the company's staff. It looks natural, optimistic and full of power.

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