MumuBobbleheads FAQ

Jun 1, 2021

1.Where can I get custom bobbleheads made for cheap prices in China?

We(Mumubobbleheds) are a professional manufacturer specialized in producting custom bobbleheads and cooperate with the third-party Chinese artists.

2. Where can someone order custom-made retail packaging?

Our products include the attractive packaging.

3. What are the materials used for making custom bobbleheads?

Quality custom bobbleheads are made from a durable polyresin material.

4. Where can I get customised bobble heads at good price?

You can buy it here and the body is supported by the solid iron frame,so you can collect it for life.

5. Where can I get multiple types of bobbleheads?

The artists have rich production experience so they can make the custom bobbleheads according to the pictures or your ideas.

6. How much will my bobbleheads cost?

The price is related to the height.Our bobbleheads prices are very good and the freight and the attractive packaging are included.

7. How do you order custom clothing?

You can offer us the front picture of your clothing.btw: If you order the transparent clothes, the clothes’color is not transparent but solid.

8. Who invented bobbleheads?

The artists that love life.With the products,you can feel our life will be filled with sunshine.

9.What is the difference between customizing and selecting a template?

You can offer us the front picture of your clothing.btw: If you order the transparent clothes, the clothes’color is not transparent but solid.

10.The difference between handmade dolls and fixed dolls that do not shake their heads?

Handmade bobble heads can only be customized with short hairstyles.

Fixed handmade dolls that can be customized to any hairstyles you like.

12.How long customize a bobbleheads?

The product needs to be completed within 6-7 working days.

13.By what means are handmade dolls confirmed?


14.the scope of custom handmade dolls?

The desk, chair,animal,instrument or any large decorative background is not included.

15.When you pay for the bobbleheads,you should pay attention to the quantity of the products.

For example,if you customize two bobbleheads ,you need to choose two.

16.Can I modify the five senses if I am not satisfied?

We will send you the picture when the custom bobblehead’s production is finished.If you are not satisfied with anything,the artists will modify it according to the photograph.

17.Can I get a refund for a custom-made bobbleheads?

If the custom bobbleheads’ production is finished,we can’t refund your money.

18.What is the meaning of bobble head doll?

If you move the head with your fingers, the head will bobble.

19. What is the meaning of the character cartoon?

The features can be made into a cartoonish style.

20.Can I make a bobble head doll of my own?

You could send us a frontal clear photo and the artists will customize the bobblehead .

21.What is the bobble head made of?

The artists put the springs inside the head.

22.Where are bobbleheads made?

We are a professional manufacturer specialized in customize bobbleheads.

23.Are bobbleheads worth collecting?

Our products are custom-made by hand,each piece of MuMu arts has been hard to find for many years.It’s worthy to collect.

24.Where is the only bobblehead museum in the world?

In Italy

25.How do I customize a bobble head doll?

Our artists will make the bobblehead by the photograph that you offer us.

26.What is the most expensive bobblehead?

All the custom bobbleheads are made with the same material.The price of the products depends on the height.

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