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Many people love music, which is why we as musicians have developed a large number of bobbleheads. There are many who play guitar or bass, but there are also singers, dancers, drummers and conductors. There's also a bobblehead who plays trombone, piano, keyboard, violin, saxophone, accordion, accordion or banjo. This means that no matter what instrument you like to play or listen to, there should be a bobblehead to represent that. These dolls also make great gifts for people who love music, especially if they are musicians themselves. You can personalize the dolls by sending a picture of the person you want the doll to look like. You can also specify their hair color, eye color and skin tone to make the doll look as much like them as possible. This means you can give someone a doll that looks like them, but also plays the instrument they like to play. It can be a fun and quirky gift and is sure to get others talking. They will all think it is a fun and clever idea and wish they had considered giving it as a gift themselves.

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